Origin of The Jacket



Maybe you recognised The Doctor's jacket right away, maybe it was elusively familiar but you couldn't pin it down, or maybe it meant nothing to you at all.  For anyone who doesn't already know what it is (and that's most people) here's a picture of one with its original owner.  Captain Jack was spot on.

The Doctor's Jacket is a first pattern German Kreigsmarine U-Boat Commander/Captain's deck coat.  Dating from circa 1938/1939, this and subsequent variants of the pattern continued to be made for Commanding Officers throughout the Second World War.

Variations based on the main body of this original design later continued to be used by German law enforcement for decades afterwards!

So what do you do if you want to make an accurate reproduction of anything?  Why, you acquire an original from which to copy of course!

OK then, bring in the Original...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you The Real Thing.  Made in 1940 according to the markings inside, next to the "Kreigsmarine" and Third Reich Nazi stamps.  EEK!

Wow though, what a piece of history.  This came from a memorabilia collector in Germany, and it's in excellent condition for its years.  Although currently it smells like my mum and dad's attic...

So, although we already had a *nearly* accurate pattern prepared for the jacket, things were put on hold while this was acquired, so now this genuine original has been used to create a *perfect* copy.  Every last stitch is accurate!

You may notice the gold buttons.  These are the original Kreigsmarine buttons, complete with embossed emblems.  Obviously our hero, The Doctor can't be running around with military insignia about his person, which is why his jacket now has plain black buttons.

You'll shortly be able to read a detailed history of his jacket on this site, including details of small differences between The Doctor's jacket and others issued at the same time.

Please e-mail any questions or comments to this address too.  Happy to answer anything at all.

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